Research Summary

I have now completed all of the research posts that we needed to do, leaving the first post on the list – analysis of digipaks, until the very end and so, this was the last research post that I managed to complete. I was finding it quite hard to come up with ideas for my magazine advert and digipak and so finally completing the digipak analysis was actually really helpful because it allowed me to see real life examples of what I need to do myself.

One thing that I found very interesting was the analysis of past student’s music videos. Looking at actual music videos that previous students had created themselves meant that I got to see what was needed to achieve the highest grades possible and how I could make my own music video look as professional and sleek as possible. Looking at the final versions of these students music videos allowed me to see the variety of genres, ideas and styles of music videos that’s actually realistic for me to achieve myself.

I think that out of all of the research posts that I’ve managed to complete, I found the actual analysis of camera shots  to be one of the most useful. This is because I think that before I was too focused on the idea itself rather than the actual filming of it. I definitely needed to complete this task so that I could see the different types of shots I should aim to include in my music video. For example looking at the different types of panning, establishing shots, extreme close ups etc. has allowed me to see how powerful all of these shots can be and how effective they are when used correctly.

It wasn’t just the analysis posts that I found helpful, I think that completing such a variety of different posts has enabled me to see more of what I need to include and do in order to create a successful music video.

To conclude, I think that completing all of these research tasks has allowed me to gain a much wider perspective of what I need to do for my final piece. Ensuring that each research task is completed to a suitable level has let me construct a specific idea of just what I want my music video to include and how I should go about doing it.


Analysis of Real Digipacks

Completing this task enabled me to gain a much wider perspective on what a professional digipak should include and be styled like. Each digipak that I have chosen is very different and contrasts to the others that I have included in my presentation. As I state in the presentation, I think that my favourite digipak out of the ones I have chosen to analyse is the ‘Marina and the Diamonds’ one as I really like the way the text is manipulated to work around the artist and her positioning.

Analysis of Students Print Work

This first link is to my presentation of previous students digipack designs. I have looked at a couple of different ones to gain a wider perspective about the digipacks as a whole as when trying to brainstorm ideas about my own digipack I found it quite difficult and straining. I’ve looked at more students digipacks than I have analysed in this post but these are two which I found really effective and professional looking.

This second link shows you the four magazine adverts that I’ve chosen to analyse. I will go on to look at each of them in more detail now but will be referring back to the pictures that you can see in the presentation. The reason that I chose to look at quite a few of the magazine adverts is because I’m trying to gain as wide a perspective as possible from that year at A2. I also haven’t used any of the same people in order to see what kind of performance and variety of quality was used throughout the year at media.

The first magazine advert is quite clearly clown themed with the artist wearing clown makeup and the text beneath him reading ‘Tears of a Clown’. I like how the white is the ‘whitest’ and how the black is the ‘blackest’ it creates such a strong contrast between the two which I think makes the advert even more effective in attracting an audiences attention.

The next advert from a previous student that I decided to look at is broadcasting the band The Kinks. I really like the alternative feel that the advert gives off and the strong colours of red and blue make it almost quite old fashioned in my opinion. I think it looks like something that a group like Madness would do, or that’s what it reminds me of.

The Robbers advert for the band The 1975 has a very dark vibe coming off from it. Which could mostly be shown from the roaring fire in the middle of the advert – which is also the brightest colour which is featured in the advert. The fire is surrounded by pitch black which makes it stand out even more and I like that the fire is quite suggestive and conceptual, leaving the imagination to link the rest of it together.

The final advert shown in the presentation is my favourite out of the four as I think the blending skills which morph the tigers face and the human face together as one. I think that this magazine advert is really effective in creating mystery and attracting an audience.

Analysis of Real Main Task

The existing music video that I have chosen to analyse is Habits (also known as ‘Stay High‘) by Tove Lo. The song is a pop and electropop song which features a minimaland upbeat electronic instrumentation. The music video was directed by Motellet Film and was filmed at a Swedish club for three days.

The main aspect I really like about this music video is that the director said to the artist and those featuring in the music video that there was ‘no specific direction’ – so he was able to gather a lot of natural footage. This is definitely an aspect which I’m hoping to achieve during the production of my own music video to Jamie T’s; Joan of Arc. I love how natural and relaxed all of the people in the music video are because in my opinion I think that it’s the most effective footage there is. I love this music video and I really like the song and although the genre and song I’m creating is very contrasting to the music video that I’ve chosen to analyse I’m certain I can take inspiration from it and effectively imitate particular aspects of it.


The two screenshots that I’ve taken from the official music video, I think do a really good job at demonstrating just how free and natural yet professional and of high quality the music video is. I’m really aiming for my music video to be fun and relaxed but I obviously want it to be as professional as possible and also of high quality. Looking at this music video has really helped me to gain a clearer and more vivid perspective of what I want my own music video to be like and what I want it to say to my target audience.


As shown in the two screenshots above the music video ensures that the protagonist portrays a strong variety of emotions i.e. happiness, sadness and lust. Instead of being ‘just’ fun it also sends a strong message about what alcohol can do to the body and that it can cause people to behave differently or even irrationally to how they normally act. I really like the fact that the music video sends a strong message but keeps the video fun and interesting at the same time; its not serious. The video is relaxed, casual and most important professional which are all aspects that I am aiming to achieve in my own music video.


Analysis of Students Blog

I have chosen to look at a variety of previous students blogs in order to see how my blog should be presented and what it should include. All of the blogs that I looked at included the variety of posts that I have to include on my blog this year. The blogs that I’ve chosen below are all presented very neatly and have organised each of their blog posts into categories and sub-categories which I think makes it even easier to navigate your way around each of the pages.

I really enjoyed going through some of the previous years work because it helped me to gather a lot of information and inspiration when I had to set up and post on my own blog. I think that the three blogs shown below (belonging to Lois Evans, Ellisse White-Oliver and Ross Golding) are all presented in a really professional and fulfilled way and all contain what they are supposed to , which is definitely something which I’m hoping my blog can include as well.

Below are some screenshots of a few of the blogs that I looked at from last years Media A2 Students:


Music Genres

In this post I will explain the different genres of music and what kind of influence and effect (positive or negative) it can have on a generation, group or society. I think that by doing this, I will have a better understanding of just how powerful and influential music can be, and how different genres have different effects on people.

Pop music is probably the most broadcasted music thanks to the charts and mainstream radio stations like Capital, Kiss and Heart. These types of radio stations feature artists like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Calvin Harris and Ariana Grande. Pop artists are the most widely known worldwide and it’s fair to say that they have the most success as there music is for main-streamers.

The song that I’ve chosen for my music video is Joan of Arc by Jamie T, a song which is class as indie rock or alternative rock. I would definitely agree with this as the song is definitely not pop, rap etc. However I would say that the song is more indie rather than rock. Even though this is the genre that this song in particular falls into, this doesn’t necessarily mean that only indie or rock fans will listen to this song or the artist. An example of this is, me. I would class myself as more of a pop fan, someone who listens to the charts and wouldn’t really go out and buy a particularly ‘alternative’ or indie album, but I do like this song and other singles by the same artist.