Prop List

The props needed for the shooting of my music video are fairly minimal as I won’t need or use any for added drama or intensity. The few ‘props’ that I will use for my music video are very basic as listed below:

Black Clothing: this is what I have asked all of my performers to wear as the setting is black and I think that they’re black clothing further represents the sadness and resentment that I’m hoping the performance will broadcast.

Lighting: whilst this may not necessarily be a featured prop, lighting is incredibly important for the shooting of my music video. I will need a back, fill and key light in every single shoot I film in the black box theatre in order to create a darkened and mysterious effect on all of my performers.

Phone: I haven’t filmed anything featuring a mobile phone yet but this is definitely something I’m scheduling for my next shoot. I like the idea of one of my performers looking down at their phone and seeing or sending a disheartening message.

However as my filming is not yet complete, I may potentially film outside the black box and could use a variety of other props.these might include makeup of some kind, a mirror or perfume. I’m definitely hoping that I can interpret any of these props into my music video in order to make it more interesting and grab the audiences attention.


Floor Plan

Here is a document of the floor plan of my shoots which I have constructed. As all of my filming so far has been done in the black box theatre at Haydon School, I chose to do a floor plan of this layout as it accurately represented where most of the filming took place.

Location Release

This is a copy of the location release I have used for all of the locations that I’m expecting to film at between the 25th of October and the 30th of November. However these dates aren’t set in stone as I don’t know how long filming will take and if I will need to re-shoot any or the most of my footage.


Actor Release

For my first test shoot on October 12th 2016, I used two actors; Rhianne Liberty and Tomas Whitmarsh. Below is the actor release that I constructed which I got the both of them to sign in order to cover what they were required to do (and not do) and to have their permission in writing in case there were any problems were to arise in the future regarding consent and permission.

Call Sheet

I recently had my first test shoot in order to see how my potential actors felt and looked in front of the camera and if it would work. Below is the call sheet attached which I gave out to Tomas Whitmarsh and Rhianne Liberty as they were the two people assisting me in my first test shoot.