Final Music Video

Here is theĀ final version of my music video. Throughout the process of creating it, I have changed and added a lot, with the final outcome being something that I’m happy with. From the initial ideas that I had in my proposal, this is a completely different concept altogether and has almost no relation to some of the ideas that I had at the start. Despite the obvious differences to my first idea of a music video and what I have ended up, I’m glad that the ideas I’ve had, developed and in my opinion improved in order to create something that I’m pleased with.


Final Magazine Advert


This is the final draft of my magazine advert promoting my music video. One thing about it that I’m really happy with is the mix of colours, I have kept it simple with only black and white, with only small parts being a burgundy to match the colour top worn by the only boy featured in the music video. I’m pleased with the layout and that I managed to include the production logo as well as what formats the album will be released on.

Final Digipak

Here is my final digipak promoting Demi Lovato’s album ‘Confident’. One part of the digipak I am happy with is the use of close ups as I think this exaggerates and confirms how raw and emotional the album and song; Stone Cold really is.