Editing Process

Above are screenshots showing the editing process of my music video on Premier Pro and below I will go into detail about what exactly I did to edit the footage I collated in order to improve it.

The first screenshot shows my entire finished music video finished in Premiere Pro. The screenshot has been taken from a zoomed out view so that the whole of my music video is visible. From this view you can see where I have had to overlap footage and add on various effects in order for the whole video to flow better. This view of music video also allows audiences to see just how much I had to cut footage and so just how many different clips are used in total. Every time there is a lighter line in the screenshot, is where I have had to cut clips down or merge one piece of footage to another.

The second one emphasises how I needed to piece together different parts of the footage. As I wanted to blend a lot of footage together, it was very hard to get one piece of footage to end and then have another piece of footage begin at just the right moment. Due to this, I had to overlap a lot of the footage as shown in the second screenshot so that the screen showed new footage at just the right time I intended it to. This was the much easier solution for me to do especially so that I would make sure that none of footage got cut out. I found this particularly challenging as it was very difficult to find the exact second that I wanted to keep, get rid of and switch between.

In the third screenshot taken from Premier, when looking at it you can see clearly the effects that I have used between a variety of clips of footage. One that I used frequently was entitled ‘Film Dissolve’ and I used it as a smooth transition between a lot of my footage, specifically when footage changed between people i.e. Lizzie to Alana, as opposed to Lizzie to Lizzie. I felt that this effect in particular provided a professional looking yet effective transition between clips. I also think that it added something to the video overall as without the use of this effect I don’t think that my video would have the same effect or be as good.

The last screenshot that I have used shows the ending to my music video. It shows the final few seconds where the screen eventually fades to black as the male protagonist, Tom slowly walks toward camera. Specifically, this piece of editing took a lot of precision as I wanted to ensure that I got it just right. The first thing that I had to do was slow down the original footage quite dramatically so that Tom would come across more mysterious and the footage itself would last long enough to actually appear in slow motion so I could then fade to black just as Tom was coming closer to camera. I think that this manipulation of speed worked very well and definitely created a darker vibe with a lot of suspense. I think that is a very effective way to end the music video, particularly as the very beginning of the video starts with Tom as so seemed only fitting to end with him as well.


Image Manipulation

Here is one example of how I have used image manipulation for the photos that I have used in my magazine advert and digipak. I didn’t actually end up using this image in particular but as you can see from above I blurred a lot of the skin, brightened the eyes and brightened the entire skin and hair as well. Whilst I liked the original picture I didn’t think that it was bright enough or eye catching enough to potentially use in any of my final products.