Production Summary

After I had completed the majority of planning required for my music video I actually started to create it. I wanted a variety of different shots but focused on the same footage which is why for each shoot which all three of my models, we went through the song 5-6 times in order to get different angles and shots for different parts of the song.

After I had finished filming all of the footage that I needed, I made a post on my blog of the raw footage which was completely unedited and untouched, showcasing the mistakes and timing issues that went on during filming. I knew that once I had this raw footage up on my blog I would be able to gradually start to pick apart each bit of footage and edit it so that it worked better with other pieces. During the process of editing, I created some behind the scenes footage. During one shoot I had a time lapse camera in place as well as the Canon 550D I was filming on to get the actual footage.

My experiences with Premier Pro were somewhat limited as I only had very little experience with the programme. However I watched a couple of tutorials and think I gathered the basics of editing techniques, definitely enough to begin piecing different parts together and making the footage. After familiarising myself once again with the software, I managed to create a draft of what would be my final music video:

I found it most challenging to add any kind of special effects which would exaggerate my footage and I though that as the entirety of my music video was laid bare that any overly-exaggerated effect would look out of place and alter my footage to the degree where it didn’t work. Not only this but my abilities on the programme did limit me and so adding anything spectacular to to music video wouldn’t be¬†feasible and wouldn’t compliment the tone and the vibe of my music video.

However once I had collated all of my footage and then begun to edit it, a lot of the footage I didn’t end up using for a number of reasons and so looking back I think that it i should have got more footage of each of my three models. Although I had enough footage to complete my music video, I would have liked to have more options of what to use for various lines of the song and more of a variety of what to use.

My music video was not the only thing that I was required to produce but it was the main one. As well as my music video I also had to create a digipack and a magazine advert. below are the links to the both of them:

After constantly editing my music video I ended up with a version I was happy with and one which I think went well with the lyrics of the song and the performance of those in the music video. The final version of my music video is below:


Side by Side

The video above shows the first draft of my music video against the final draft side by side. This allows those who watch it to see how I have developed my skills and added to my music video since I first started putting it together.