Proposal Feedback

Here is the feedback I’ve gathered so far on my proposal:



Here is my video board accompanying my chosen song; Stone Cold by Demi Lovato. i have chosen a variety of pictures which I think reflect the lyrics of the song as well as the emotion that is felt by the artist and meant to be felt by the audience.

Research into Equipment

SLR Camera: 100D or 550D with a 50 ML Prime Lens –┬áThis will be used as the main recorder during filming, it’s the most reliable and sturdy but both of the 100D and 550D will let me achieve the same quality of filming.


Tripod – all tripods are used to stabilise cameras in order to make footage shot look smoother. Another benefit of using a tripod whist filming would be that if you were on your own whilst filming then you could press record and leave the camera to record without needing another person to hold the camera.tripod


Steady-Cam – this piece of equipment is also used as a way to stabilise the camera during the course of filming.


GoPro Hero 4 Black – I’m planning on using this particular piece of equipment to film some of my footage from a first person angle; as if the camera was a persons eyes.


Lighting – When filming in the Black Box Theatre at Haydon School I will be in control of the lighting by using a key, fill and back light.


Location Recce

Thinking about my music video is a very stressful and developing task which I’m finding quite difficult. I’m considering a lot of locations where filming could potentially take place and this post will┬ádetail what and where these locations are. Here is the presentation that I’ve constructed to direct you through all of the potential locations that I have considered to film in.

Please click here to view my Prezi on my Location Recce.

Location and Artist Mise En Scene

As stated in my Call Sheet post I had my first test shoot on the 12th of October 2016 which took place at 3.00 o’clock in the Black Box Theatre at Haydon School. The main aspect of mise en scene that I had to focus on during this shoot was completing blackening the room, the was no natural light – just artificial; to ensure that I could control and manipulate the lighting in the shoot. Lighting was so essential and I needed to make sure that my main actor (Tom) was lit perfectly so that he would reflect the image that I wanted him to do.

Below is a picture of the theatre where filming took place which shows the set out I used, including the key, fill and back light as well as the camera I used.


The way that I wanted Tom to look was quite simple to change because for my music video I want him to reflect the typical teenage boy and this is exactly what he is so he really didn’t need to be changed that much. Here is what Tom looked like during the shoot, the only thing I requested of him beforehand was that he didn’t wear black (to oppose the background and so he wouldn’t blend in) and that he wore grey as this is a very neutral colour. In the music video he won’t be wearing bright or happy colours. I needed him to almost be impartial because whilst he is the focus of the music video he is not who it is about. The picture below is a screenshot from the filming as we didn’t take any pictures of him, just videos.



Here is my proposal for my music video which details the outline that I currently have for my music video and what I’m hoping to achieve by the finished outcome.