Planning Summary

In terms on the planning tasks, some of the very first tasks that I completed were the response to the brief and the proposal. I think it was really important that I completed these tasks as soon as possible as they allowed me to lay out any of the first and initial ideas that I had regarding my music video. I especially found both of these tasks helpful because I needed to justify all of my decisions and choices that I had at that time and so having to provide reasoning for everything I had done up until this point  was really useful when looking at all of my initial ideas. Additionally to this I had to create a blog post detailing my inspirations, explaining exactly where I had got all of these ideas from; in this instance being from various other successful music video, produced by existing labels.

After I had completed these tasks which outlined my very first ideas and creative outlook, I needed to actually start creating an image for how I was going to go about filming my music video. Due to this I also had to create a variety of other posts, which are listed below:

As well as the blog posts above and below, I’ve also created various others in between. Some that I particularly struggled with was the digi-pak sketches and the advert sketches. I think that the main reason I struggled with these posts in particular is because the required me to know exactly what I wanted my advert and digipak to look like, I needed to have a solid idea which is something that kept changing so I think that’s why I found it much more difficult than a lot of the other posts.

The very few final tasks that I completed are the ones shown below; the shooting schedule, brand guidelines and personal. I quite enjoyed creating these posts as it made it seem as though my music video was coming together, as well as seeing the progress I was making in Premiere, I could also see when exactly I was shooting and I managed to get a wider outlook on the types of font and colours I would use not only for my advert but also my digi pack.

To conclude, I think that completing all of the required planning tasks has allowed me to gain a much wider perspective with regards to my whole music video as I’ve been able to see what people think about it. Gaining a variety of different opinions and constructive criticism has enabled me to be able to improve and add me to the video itself. I’ve found the vast majority of the planning tasks incredibly helpful as they have helped me to develop my understanding of what is needed and what I have actually accomplished.


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