Prop List

The props needed for the shooting of my music video are fairly minimal as I won’t need or use any for added drama or intensity. The few ‘props’ that I will use for my music video are very basic as listed below:

Black Clothing: this is what I have asked all of my performers to wear as the setting is black and I think that they’re black clothing further represents the sadness and resentment that I’m hoping the performance will broadcast.

Lighting: whilst this may not necessarily be a featured prop, lighting is incredibly important for the shooting of my music video. I will need a back, fill and key light in every single shoot I film in the black box theatre in order to create a darkened and mysterious effect on all of my performers.

Phone: I haven’t filmed anything featuring a mobile phone yet but this is definitely something I’m scheduling for my next shoot. I like the idea of one of my performers looking down at their phone and seeing or sending a disheartening message.

However as my filming is not yet complete, I may potentially film outside the black box and could use a variety of other props.these might include makeup of some kind, a mirror or perfume. I’m definitely hoping that I can interpret any of these props into my music video in order to make it more interesting and grab the audiences attention.


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