Production Diary #5

Now that I have footage with two of the girls featured in my music video; Alana and Lizzie, I have been editing all of this footage together in Premiere – leaving some space as I go along, for the third part of my video. Below is the screen that I’m on when editing and putting together my video in Premiere.


As you can see from above, I’ve been working a lot on the editing process of my footage in order for it to run smoothly and for the contrasting footage to work together well without it looking too out of place. From the picture above, the blue bars below the pictures of Alana show how much footage I have at the moment. There are still a lot of gaps in between footage, especially towards the beginning of the song, however within the next couple of weeks I should have footage fitting in these gaps.

I’ve also been starting work on my magazine advert and I now have pictures of Lizzie, however I do need to schedule another shoot with Alana to get some pictures of her that I can use throughout my advert. I’ve got a basic outline of what I want my magazine advert to include and the style I want it to have, I’ve already planned the writing, fonts and colours so all that’s left to add on to it is the actual pictures of all of the girls.


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