Production Diary #4

Having all my footage from my shoot with Alana, next to film was my second model; Lizzie Russel. My shoot with Lizzie once again took place in the black box theatre at Haydon and before we began filming, Lizzie rehearsed her parts whilst I set up the lights needed and the camera. Before filming began we took a few test photos which you can see below:

This was to see how the lighting was working for her as well as to ensure that the rest of the room was completely blacked out by the lights so that she was the only thing in view – the main and only focus. Once I had made sure that lighting was suitable and camera was angled in a fitting way, we began filming. All together we went through the song about five times with some additional footage of Lizzie in front of the camera without mouthing along to the song. I also did this with Alana as I think that it will be very useful for me to have some extra footage of all of the girls and in parts of the song were there are no lyrics, I will be able to use some of this footage.

Before my shoot with Lizzie, I have been working on more of the blog posts that need to be completed, the moodboard is one that I am currently working on and struggling with quite a bit. However, this week I have completed the brand guidelines which allowed me to gain a better and wider perspective on my magazine advert and my digipak as I’ve found trying to come up with a good and professional layout very difficult.On top of this, I’ve also gone back on several of my posts with lower marks and tried to improve them by adding more information and making sure they’re all in the right place.


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