Production Diary #2

Since creating all of my blog posts and doing my very first shoot with my model; Tom, I have since decided to change my song and consequently my entire idea. My reasoning behind this is because I didn’t have full confidence in being able to create a successful and decent music video that went well with the song.

My new song that I’ve chosen is ‘Stone Cold by Demi Lovato’ from her 2015 album ‘Confident’. Even though this is a relatively new decision I already feel better about having to create and produce my own original idea that goes with this song. I’m really happen that I decided to change the song I was doing as now I think that I can create a better music video as I now have a much stronger and more detailed idea of what I need to do in order for it to be successful. The only drawback of changing my song is that as a consequence, I now have to change everything i had originally planned to do, so for the most part I do have to start from scratch, I would have been better off realising what song I needed to do sooner so that I gave myself more time to complete everything that’s needed to be done.


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