Research Summary

I have now completed all of the research posts that we needed to do, leaving the first post on the list – analysis of digipaks, until the very end and so, this was the last research post that I managed to complete. I was finding it quite hard to come up with ideas for my magazine advert and digipak and so finally completing the digipak analysis was actually really helpful because it allowed me to see real life examples of what I need to do myself.

One thing that I found very interesting was the analysis of past student’s music videos. Looking at actual music videos that previous students had created themselves meant that I got to see what was needed to achieve the highest grades possible and how I could make my own music video look as professional and sleek as possible. Looking at the final versions of these students music videos allowed me to see the variety of genres, ideas and styles of music videos that’s actually realistic for me to achieve myself.

I think that out of all of the research posts that I’ve managed to complete, I found the actual analysis of camera shots  to be one of the most useful. This is because I think that before I was too focused on the idea itself rather than the actual filming of it. I definitely needed to complete this task so that I could see the different types of shots I should aim to include in my music video. For example looking at the different types of panning, establishing shots, extreme close ups etc. has allowed me to see how powerful all of these shots can be and how effective they are when used correctly.

It wasn’t just the analysis posts that I found helpful, I think that completing such a variety of different posts has enabled me to see more of what I need to include and do in order to create a successful music video.

To conclude, I think that completing all of these research tasks has allowed me to gain a much wider perspective of what I need to do for my final piece. Ensuring that each research task is completed to a suitable level has let me construct a specific idea of just what I want my music video to include and how I should go about doing it.


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