Analysis of Students Print Work

This first link is to my presentation of previous students digipack designs. I have looked at a couple of different ones to gain a wider perspective about the digipacks as a whole as when trying to brainstorm ideas about my own digipack I found it quite difficult and straining. I’ve looked at more students digipacks than I have analysed in this post but these are two which I found really effective and professional looking.

This second link shows you the four magazine adverts that I’ve chosen to analyse. I will go on to look at each of them in more detail now but will be referring back to the pictures that you can see in the presentation. The reason that I chose to look at quite a few of the magazine adverts is because I’m trying to gain as wide a perspective as possible from that year at A2. I also haven’t used any of the same people in order to see what kind of performance and variety of quality was used throughout the year at media.

The first magazine advert is quite clearly clown themed with the artist wearing clown makeup and the text beneath him reading ‘Tears of a Clown’. I like how the white is the ‘whitest’ and how the black is the ‘blackest’ it creates such a strong contrast between the two which I think makes the advert even more effective in attracting an audiences attention.

The next advert from a previous student that I decided to look at is broadcasting the band The Kinks. I really like the alternative feel that the advert gives off and the strong colours of red and blue make it almost quite old fashioned in my opinion. I think it looks like something that a group like Madness would do, or that’s what it reminds me of.

The Robbers advert for the band The 1975 has a very dark vibe coming off from it. Which could mostly be shown from the roaring fire in the middle of the advert – which is also the brightest colour which is featured in the advert. The fire is surrounded by pitch black which makes it stand out even more and I like that the fire is quite suggestive and conceptual, leaving the imagination to link the rest of it together.

The final advert shown in the presentation is my favourite out of the four as I think the blending skills which morph the tigers face and the human face together as one. I think that this magazine advert is really effective in creating mystery and attracting an audience.


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