Analysis of Real Main Task

The existing music video that I have chosen to analyse is Habits (also known as ‘Stay High‘) by Tove Lo. The song is a pop and electropop song which features a minimaland upbeat electronic instrumentation. The music video was directed by Motellet Film and was filmed at a Swedish club for three days.

The main aspect I really like about this music video is that the director said to the artist and those featuring in the music video that there was ‘no specific direction’ – so he was able to gather a lot of natural footage. This is definitely an aspect which I’m hoping to achieve during the production of my own music video to Jamie T’s; Joan of Arc. I love how natural and relaxed all of the people in the music video are because in my opinion I think that it’s the most effective footage there is. I love this music video and I really like the song and although the genre and song I’m creating is very contrasting to the music video that I’ve chosen to analyse I’m certain I can take inspiration from it and effectively imitate particular aspects of it.


The two screenshots that I’ve taken from the official music video, I think do a really good job at demonstrating just how free and natural yet professional and of high quality the music video is. I’m really aiming for my music video to be fun and relaxed but I obviously want it to be as professional as possible and also of high quality. Looking at this music video has really helped me to gain a clearer and more vivid perspective of what I want my own music video to be like and what I want it to say to my target audience.


As shown in the two screenshots above the music video ensures that the protagonist portrays a strong variety of emotions i.e. happiness, sadness and lust. Instead of being ‘just’ fun it also sends a strong message about what alcohol can do to the body and that it can cause people to behave differently or even irrationally to how they normally act. I really like the fact that the music video sends a strong message but keeps the video fun and interesting at the same time; its not serious. The video is relaxed, casual and most important professional which are all aspects that I am aiming to achieve in my own music video.



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