Chosen Locations

Whilst I haven’t began to shoot my music video, I have had to complete a variety of tasks which demonstrate how I am planning it. A large part of the thought process is choosing appropriate and fitting locations to film in, something which I have given a lot of thought to. At the moment I have several locations in mind where, ideally I would like to shoot but I will have to see how well lighting is and how convenient filming there would actually be.

Location 1: Haydon School Black Box Theatre

This isn’t where I’m planning on shooting a large part of my music video but I am thinking of shooting a few key scenes there as long as I have the right lighting and angles. I think that the black box theatre is a really good place to shoot because I will be able to control lighting which will make or break a whole scene or piece of film.


Location 2: London

I’ve chosen London to be one of my locations for filming, specifically around or near Camden as I think that this matches the tone and genre of the artist and his song. The atmosphere I’m going for is very specific and I think that this location in particular will help me achieve this. Even though I want quite an evening or night vibe, I will ensure to complete all of my shooting during the day so that the footage is clear and I can alter the lighting manually during the editing process. I like the real life atmosphere that the city has and I think this is reflected on camera, I also like how busy it is which I’m hoping will help me in various parts of my film.


Location 3: Harefield

A road off of the main one, provides a very autumnal and beautiful setting of fields and a small river. I really like the setting and think given the right times I would be able to get some good footage here. Once again I will have to make sure that I shoot my footage here at the right time so that it’s not too dark when I need to edit the video together. If I need to make it darker to make sure the footage looks like how I envision it, then I am able to alter all of these settings.


Location 4: Cabin Area and Outside

In my treatment, I have planned for a fair bit of my filming to take place outside and in a small cabin. Attached are the pictures of the area I have in mind but I will have to film some test shots to see how they will pan out. However if filming is unable to work in these locations due to lighting or any other unforeseen problems then I will have to move locations.img_1396img_1398


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