Whilst I don’t think that story-boarding my entire music video will be productive as it is an incredibly time consuming task, I have taken the time to storyboard a couple of scenes that I’m planning to shoot as I think that this will be helpful.

Below are the storyboards that I have sketched out, detailing a couple of the scenes I’m hoping to feature in my video.

Here is the first sequence of storyboarding which I’ve done which details Tom (the main actor in my music video) in the black box theatre at Haydon. In the series of screenshots that you can see below, it shows Tom from a number of different shots, finally with confetti being thrown over him from both sides. During the editing process I’m aiming to have this footage in slow motion and reverse – using the clip more than once. Reshooting this scene will be manageable especially since I will be using another person to help me with the set up and ‘behind the scenes’, this will be Rhianne. Having an extra person to work behind the scenes and follow my instruction for how to help with the footage is going to be really helpful. Myself and Rhianne are not shown in the storyboards as the two of us will be working exclusively behind the scenes, making Tom the main focus of camera and my storyboard.

Here, my second sequence of storyboarding shows the scenes in my shot for shot list describe as: ‘Shot of camera following behind a small crowd of people (9-13 people, mixed genders) IN EDIT = Colour flashes that change as the distance between them does – Each distance = NEW COLOUR (red, green, blue, yellow and purple)’. I’m planning to shoot this particular footage in London or around Camden to create more of a crowded atmosphere which I think will work really well.


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