Analysis of Students Blog

I have chosen to look at a variety of previous students blogs in order to see how my blog should be presented and what it should include. All of the blogs that I looked at included the variety of posts that I have to include on my blog this year. The blogs that I’ve chosen below are all presented very neatly and have organised each of their blog posts into categories and sub-categories which I think makes it even easier to navigate your way around each of the pages.

I really enjoyed going through some of the previous years work because it helped me to gather a lot of information and inspiration when I had to set up and post on my own blog. I think that the three blogs shown below (belonging to Lois Evans, Ellisse White-Oliver and Ross Golding) are all presented in a really professional and fulfilled way and all contain what they are supposed to , which is definitely something which I’m hoping my blog can include as well.

Below are some screenshots of a few of the blogs that I looked at from last years Media A2 Students:



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