Music Genres

In this post I will explain the different genres of music and what kind of influence and effect (positive or negative) it can have on a generation, group or society. I think that by doing this, I will have a better understanding of just how powerful and influential music can be, and how different genres have different effects on people.

Pop music is probably the most broadcasted music thanks to the charts and mainstream radio stations like Capital, Kiss and Heart. These types of radio stations feature artists like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Calvin Harris and Ariana Grande. Pop artists are the most widely known worldwide and it’s fair to say that they have the most success as there music is for main-streamers.

The song that I’ve chosen for my music video is Joan of Arc by Jamie T, a song which is class as indie rock or alternative rock. I would definitely agree with this as the song is definitely not pop, rap etc. However I would say that the song is more indie rather than rock. Even though this is the genre that this song in particular falls into, this doesn’t necessarily mean that only indie or rock fans will listen to this song or the artist. An example of this is, me. I would class myself as more of a pop fan, someone who listens to the charts and wouldn’t really go out and buy a particularly ‘alternative’ or indie album, but I do like this song and other singles by the same artist.


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