How is Music Marketed?

There is a strong variety of ways that music is marketed, some of the biggest ones are; magazines, billboard advertising, YouTube, music television and music labels. Music is marketed to sell even more copies and gain attention from the general public. Not only is music marketed in a number of ways but it also has to be marketed differently depending on what age group its targeted at. This is because adults, teenagers and young children will respond differently to different advertisement and marketing.

Magazines play a big part in marketing music but this is mostly pitched to adults or older teenagers, this is because these people will usually  have some kind of disposable income. To spend on magazines. There are very successful music magazines which are still considerably popular today some of these are; NME, Rolling Stone and Billboard magazine.

Billboard advertisement is a very expensive form of marketing but an effective one. It is immediately able to catch peoples attention and for the most part, is done on a large scale. Another way of marketing music videos is through the music labels themselves and the brand of the music itself can actually help to further push videos into the limelight.

Music television can also be a very effective way of launching music videos. The most popular and largest television channel that broadcasts music is probably MTV. This way of marketing – and this channel in particular is most likely going to reach and appeal to teenagers who are a lot more likely to watch these types of channels.

YouTube is a huge social site with millions of videos and subscribers, meaning that it has a lot of potential to create more attention – especially around music. The most viewed music video has been watched over 2.6 billion times and some of the top 10 most watched artists on YouTube include; Wiz Khalifa, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Adele and Bruno Mars.


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