Production Diary #1

Setting up our blogs was the very first thing that we had to do as we needed somewhere to post all of our future blog posts. However even before we did this we needed to be thinking about what kind of advanced portfolio we wanted to do; whether that be a music video, short film, documentary, newspaper, magazine etc. Whilst at first I was unsure about doing a music video as the idea of pure performance didn’t appeal to me, by researching into the different types of music videos (i.e. performance, narrative and conceptual) I think either of the other two options definitely appeals to me a lot more.

Looking even more into the different types of music videos and real life and successful examples of them was really helpful and I found it very interesting. Additionally it was good to look at how they run and how they look as editing and piecing together clips isn’t something that I am confident on as I have very little experience with it. In class we looked at a lot of Radiohead and Coldplay music videos which all had quite a quirky and therefore conceptual feel to them which is definitely something which I am aiming for when making my own music video. A conceptual music video is the option which appeals to me the most as I think it’s the most interesting and intriguing. The other two options; Performance and Narrative, have to go somewhere or tell some kind of story but a Conceptual music video seems to be more spontaneous and the type of things shown seem more appealing to me.

Next week I hope to gain more ideas about what I actually want to do in order to get a stronger image of what is possible for me to achieve. I’m also hoping to look at more music videos to get a good idea of what is realistic and achievable for me to do.


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