From Kodaline and Kygo’s music video for ‘Raging’, whilst this is a lyric video I really like it because it’s simple, slow and filled with vibrant colours. I find the whole aspect of colours mixing and exploding quite inspiring and I like the idea of it.

The beginning of this music video shows the main singer through a reflection through a raindrop stained window and I really like how that looks and I think I could potentially create something similar to that.

In this music video the main part I like is near the start where camera jumps closer and closer to the focus. I also how water is a main focus and everything behind it is out of focus so you can make out a silhouette of the woman  but the main attention is the shower water.

I like the fact that the singer is the only actual colour, contrasting against the entire white background and setting. I also like how camera circles her and goes around her making it clear that everything is about her.

In this video the main thing  I like is how natural lighting is used to cast shadows and patterns on the walls and people in the video. I also really like the side close up of the male and how camera is used when the two are together towards the end of the video.

The whole way this video is shot really appeals to me and I think it’s quite quirky and intriguing. I like how at certain points in the song slow motion is used but also how the video tells a bit 0f a story throughout and all of the different locations make it even more interesting and make it more enticing.


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