Analysis of Previous Students Work

I have chosen to look at Hannah Alley’s music video from the year 2014. Whilst I don’t think that I am going to do a music video myself, watching hers there are a lot of points I like the look of and if I was to do something similar, feel like I could adapt them to fit what I aim to do. Watching Hannah’s video has given me a lot of ideas specifically about camera work and angles if I chose to a documentary but it has also given me a few ideas about what I actually want to include in my video i.e setting, people, clothing. Whilst some things may look a little expired as Hannah’s video was over two years ago, I have still gained a lot of ideas on how i can make mine run as smoothly as I think Hannah’s did.

One aspect in particular which I really like is the continuous fading of certain videos, parts overlap and fade over one another which I think creates a really professional and sentimental feel. As the music video is for quite a romantic song, by Ellie Goulding I think that this is even more so effective and appropriate. Additionally, having her final video side-by-side of her third edit of her video makes it abundantly clear how much she has improved and everything that she changed, even in the slightest.

When directly comparing the third and final edits of the video, colour is a very vital and important aspect. The final edit of the video seems to have enhanced a lot of the colours making them extremely vivid and brighter than in the third edit where a few of the colours were actually quite dull. However the footage in both edits is the same and both of the edits tell a very clear love story which is easy to follow and not too ambiguous, whereas some music videos can be. Hannah’s video also uses slow motion in several parts of it which I think is a really effective technique as it builds tension and makes it more dramatic to view.

Overall, I really liked Hannah’s music video and found it really interesting to watch as it made me think about what I wanted to include in my own project. Regardless of whether I do a music video or not, I found it very helpful and it definitely gave me inspiration for my own. I hope that I am able to achieve something of this quality or even higher when attempting my own media project.


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